Your creative business is multifaceted, multicultural and multidimensional. You need a digital design partner who gets your 360° world with sensitivity, sensibility and strategy. 


Archetypal branding creates the bridge from your inner world to outer world by creating modern myths. Your brand story has a distinctive makeup, woven from the threads of your heroine’s journey into mastery and artistry. Connect the heartfelt dots to create a timeless message that resonates deeply. 


The richness of your signature brand aesthetic imbued with hues of meaning and expression creates an exquisite experience. One that embraces your community like a cocoon – to feel, trust and bloom into beautiful transformation.


A website isn’t just a static browser of facts and figures. It has to flow smoothly in the user experience. You aren’t just selling products, services, events, artwork or programs. You’re guiding your guests on an orchestrated experience of passion, purpose and power. 


signature branding + DIGITAL design for INTUITIVE ENTREPRENEURS

Essential Branding + Visual Design

Upgrade your branding and website without an overhaul. Grow at your own pace with stylish essentials. The Essentialist services include 1:1 branding consults, website upgrades for existing sites (WIX, Squarespace, WP), graphic design support, and mini brand styling guides.

Signature Branding + Visual Design

You’re taking a courageous leap to launching your authority website or proprietary program. You need artful branding and visual design that captures the unique value of your highly attuned expertise. Anchor a strong foundation that expands with your ever-evolving body of work.

Clients I Serve

Over the last 7 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with teachers, authors, healers, artists, creatives, and coaches. I’ve co-created with founders of wisdom schools and experts in divine feminine spirituality, sacred sexuality, psychic + intuitive development, and integrative health.  

Recurring themes in my clients’ teachings are: restoration, embodiment, self-expression, sacred sensuality/sexuality, union, intimacy, romance, love, wholeness, wisdom, and balance.

Here is a sample of clients and industries I serve: Healing Artists + Wellness Practitioners, Sacred Wealth + Business Experts, Spiritual Guides, Sex Positive/Sacred Sensuality Teachers, Intimacy/Relationship/Pleasure Guides, Interior Designers + Feng Shui Consultants, Visual/Performance Artists + Musicians.  

Rhina Ju is a rare gem. She brings beauty and attention to all that she creates with an incredible eye for detail, technical expertise on the bits and bytes, along with solid business practices and clear communication. She is a key member of our Awakening Shakti team and a delight and treasure to work with.

Lisa Schrader

Awakening Shakti

we’re a match-made in heaven, if you are:

Intimacy is your modus operandi

You identify as a lover. Intimacy matters in your personal + business relationships. You believe sacred reciprocity is at the core of sacred abundance.

Quality is in the details

You approach your business like an artisan. Your highly-attuned expertise + high-touch service is your gift of love to the world. You believe quality + integrity are expressed in the details.

You’re a sacred sensualist

Aesthetics is more than skin deep for you. Beauty is a visceral experience of the sacred in your body, heart + soul. Creating sensory experiences is an act of devotion + hospitality. 

You use business as a force of good

You understand that making an impact in today’s world means to consider different perspectives. You educate yourself on inclusion, diversity and ethical business practices.