Holistic Design Services 

Let’s create your digital home together, whether it’s a room at a time or a full website. My services are designed to help you ebb, flow and grow into your next level of artistry and mastery. Let’s co-create in stages. 

Your creative business is multifaceted, multicultural and multidimensional. You need a digital design partner who gets your 360° world with sensitivity, sensibility and strategy. 

Business is a path of self-actualization through your ever-evolving body of work. There’s a rhythm and a flow that’s unique to your emergence, so your website should be the same.

If finding clarity for your website has been a challenge, there’s no shame. It’s a nuanced process of self-discovery, creative recovery, synthesis, practical magic, and tech witchery to craft a space where your heart song meets the needs and desires of the collective.

It takes love and care to cultivate your digital home, much like a garden. A website is more than a tab on your browser. It’s a window into your world and a living vessel of growth for both you, your body of work, and your people. 

we’re a match-made on earth, if you ARE:

Intimacy is your modus operandi

You identify as a lover. Intimacy matters in your personal + business relationships. You believe sacred reciprocity is at the core of sacred abundance. You deeply care. 

Quality is in the felt details 

You have a grounded approach to your business like an artisan. You value and consider the intangible experience. Your highly-attuned expertise + high-touch service are your gifts of love to the world.

Business as a force of change  

You shift power by integrating inclusion, diversity, ethical and regenerative business practices. You stay rooted in integrity as a leader who serves for the highest good.

Here are three areas that I take into consideration when I design websites: 



Your archetypal story has a distinctive blend, woven from the threads of your heroine’s (non-gendered) journey. I translate your essence, story and methodology into an immersive experience of wholeness and resonance.



You aren’t just selling products, services, events, artwork or programs. You’re guiding your guests on an orchestrated experience of passion, purpose and power. It has to flow smoothly in the user experience. 



The richness of your signature brand aesthetic imbued with hues of meaning and expression creates an intimate experience. One that embraces your community like a cocoon – to feel, trust and bloom into beautiful transformation.


Website Upgrade 

Half Day – 4 hours /$697

Get clarity and aligned action steps for growing into your online home.

The WEBSITE UPGRADE can include:
  • Website audit
  • Website design upgrades for existing sites (WIX, Squarespace, WordPress) such as a home page redesign
  • Strategic mapping of your website (story, copy, content, and product suite) with your growth cycles in mind
  • Psychic reading and intuitive  prompts for reflection and creation of next steps 

Design Day Intensives

Full Day/$1,497

Have a new website or a sales page in a day – without the overwhelm of overhauling for months. 

The INTENSIVES Service can include:
  • Sales page or landing design
  • 3 page Divi WordPress website with essential brand styling (color palette, font selection, curated imagery)
  • 4-6 page website takes an additional half to full-day booking. Includes contact page
  • Design for your lead magnet, ebook, or workbook
  • Graphic design support 

*Pricing is for a minimal viable website/sales page with responsive design on the Divi WordPress theme. Day intensive fees are subject to change based on the word count of copy, timely feedback, and customizations.


Clients I ServeD

Over the last 8 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with teachers, authors, healers, artists, creatives, and coaches. I’ve co-created with founders of wisdom schools and experts in divine feminine spirituality, sacred sexuality, psychic/intuitive development, and integrative health.  

Recurring themes in my clients’ teachings are: restoration, embodiment, self-expression, sacred sensuality/sexuality, union, intimacy, romance, love, wholeness, wisdom, and balance.

Here is a sample of clients and fields I served: Healing Artists + Wellness Practitioners, Sacred Wealth + Business Experts, Spiritual Guides, Sex Positive/Sacred Sensuality Teachers, Intimacy/Relationship/Pleasure Guides, Interior Designers, Artists + Musicians.  

Rhina Ju is a rare gem. She brings beauty and attention to all that she creates with an incredible eye for detail, technical expertise on the bits and bytes, along with solid business practices and clear communication. 

Lisa Schrader

Awakening Shakti

Interesting in co-creating together?