The #1 question I get from my clients: How do I bring my multifaceted background and passions into one coherent platform?

The short answer: Your brand is like a house with a collection of rooms and pathways of experiences. The long answer: The story, styling and structure of your brand + website is multilayered, like a signature scent. What I call: the ground, heart and head notes of your brand identity. Every business is so unique and different. It has an essence of its own. 

It takes alchemy, strategy and a whole lot of tough love to unearth your magic and craft your artful brand. And the honest truth is, it will change with the elements, just as you ebb & flow as a highly sensitive creatrix in this highly-flux world.

If you struggled to reach brand clarity as a highly sensitive being, there’s no shame. It’s a nuanced process of self-discovery, creative recovery, practical magic and synthesis, where your heart song meets the needs and desires of the collective.

As I worked with creatrixes/creatives in all seasons of growth, there’s always more to recover, and there is always more to become in our creative expression. I see it all the time, whether you’re just starting out or in the big league. There’s a rhythm and a flow that’s unique to your emergence. Wherever you are in your journey, this present moment is precious to your personal process.

I offer 1:1 consulting sessions, psychic aura readings and deep dive intensives. Whether it’s weaving the throughline of your multiverse into a coherent brand statement, gaining clarity in an alchemical season of growth, or creating a nourishing structure for your fluid self to feel productive and expansive, we’ll create a unique pathway for your visionary business. 

what clients say…

Rina’s intuitive sense of the consumer experience relative to your vision is what really defines her genius.

Her scope of work goes far beyond her ability to deliver a visually stunning product. I cannot say enough great things about working with her. She will work with you to deliver something special.

Lynne Dominick,

Human Design Transformational Coach

Rina’s beautiful ability to translate and interpret my personal creativity on a wider scale is her true talent. 

Her ingenious insight and sheer business savvy is a relief. She helped me develop a new niche of clients, opening up additional streams of income which has given me the ability to do what I love and have the security and peace of mind that I’ve been searching for years.

Melanie Brandon,

Fashion Designer

Rina has a way of quickly and easily getting to the heart of the matter as it relates to branding.

Her ability to scale down big picture ideas into workable “bite-size” pieces is phenomenal. Organic processes and patience are just a few of the tools Rina uses to help her clients see, create and present their best selves.

Indira Wilburn,

Lolastar Media

how i can support you

Feel witnessed and seen by a clairvoyant creative

With a deep understanding of the complexities – mysteries, trials + initiations of your well-honed craft that could only be held and seen by another creative + healer (a trained psychic + empath) who has walked the fire and grounded her sensitivities.

Weave the threads of your multifaceted expression into wholeness

Translate your essence and life’s work into an immersive experience of wholeness, beauty and resonance with human-centered design-thinking, multicultural input and intuitive guidance. 

Anchor the next level of actualization with practical magic

Honor your wild nature AND discover a gentle pathway of productivity as you’ll most likely undergo an alchemical period to become more visible. Syncing rhythm with your flow has never felt better.

Create heart-centered relevance with empathy and integrity

Intimacy is a lost art in this fast-paced world. Nuances matter. Deep consideration of the messy and raw human experience in your personal evolution and the collective pulse is how you create credibility as a visionary leader. 

how we can work together

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your stunning expression.