“I had to create a world of my own, like a climate, a country, an atmosphere in which I could breathe, reign, and recreate myself when destroyed by living. That, I believe, is the reason for every work of art.”

Anais Nin

Design is more than a pretty picture. Your business is a masterful work of art in world making. Your visual story is imbued with the resonance of the lifelong love affair with your work. It’s a distinctive vibe – textured and layered by the grit, grace and glow of your heroine’s journey as an intuitive creative in business. Let’s translate your one-of-a-kind story into a signature brand aesthetic for swoon-inducing visuals, magnetic connections and heartfelt engagement. 

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Signature Branding

I. Brand Story

We’ll dive deep into your creative world with a 90-minute strategy session. You’ll receive my Signature Brand Aesthetic Guide + Playbook, where we’ll distill the head, heart and deep notes of your brand experience, like a bespoke perfume customized to your unique brand essence. We’ll put together a Creative Brief with your Signature Story Statement to shape an intimate and holistic environment that guides your audience on an artful journey of transformation, creativity and beauty. 

II. Brand Styling

Through this hands-on ideation phase, we’ll have a fertile foundation to design your brand materials that is in alignment with your Signature Story Statement. We’ll create Custom Concepts that capture your one-of-a-kind brand aesthetic via Pinterest boards – one for you and one for me to explore your signature style. I’ll weave the threads into an Inspirational Moodboard that hones in the tone and color frequencies.

III. Brand Design

We’ll breathe air into your vision to create an immersive experience with the Signature Brand Collection. I’ll create the Logo Suite with variations of brand marks to symbolize this new world. The Brand Styling Guide includes a typography guide, color palette, branded elements, textures and patterns tailored to your signature brand aesthetic. You’ll receive 3 choices of Digital Collateral such as social media branding, email branding or Canva templates for promotion or instruction. 

4 weeks


Rina is a tender alchemist, holding beauty in the palms of her hands, listening to the undertones of the aesthetics and vision you want, magically unraveling them in a visual, coherent, and clear way so that you can share your gifts in the world … all while providing a structure that supports you to grow into your business.

I completely trust Rina and her ability to feel the textures of who I am – all the layers – and translate it into a tangible design, curated specifically to who I am. I honor her integrity and adore her grounded sensitivity that speaks to our inner artisan.

Rebecca Cavender

Intuitive Writer + Coach


I offer services for every season of growth, so you can grow sustainably and stylishly.


Before working with Rina, I was drowning in all of the content I had created. I couldn’t figure out how to make all the parts and pieces of my vast online universe work together. My community didn’t know where to start or which steps to take next. Now, sweet Jesus, my site is aesthetically beautiful, spacious, laid out perfectly and they know exactly where to go and what’s available to them. The user journey is seamless, my community LOVES the look of the site and people keep telling me that they just want to go to my site to hang out for a while because it feels so good.

Jessica Serran,

Founder of Becoming Artist + Visual Artist

If you’re looking for someone who can tap into the essence of you, your business and your message, integrate it and then present it to the world as a uniquely designed masterpiece, Rina is without a doubt the person to talk to.

Somehow she has managed to capture and translate the very essence of who I am, what my work is about and who it speaks to and delivered it all in a website and product suite that exceeds my wildest expectations.

Desiree Marie Leedo,

Divorce Recovery Coach + Author


Signature Branding + Design service payments are divided into 2-3 installments with timelines ranging from 4-12 weeks. Completion of the project is contingent upon all content, materials and feedback being provided on time by the client. 

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