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“I was creating the world I wanted, and into this world, once it is created, you invite others and then you attract those who have affinities and this becomes a universe, this becomes not a private world at all but something which transcends the personal and creates this link.”

–Anais Nin, A Woman Speaks, Artist as Magician

Your business is a masterful work of art in world making. Your visual story is imbued with the resonance of the lifelong love affair with your soul work.

It’s a distinctive vibe – textured and layered by the grit, grace, and glow of your heroine’s journey as an intuitive creative in business. 

Let’s translate your one-of-a-kind story into a signature brand aesthetic for swoon-inducing visuals, magnetic connections and heartfelt engagement.

your visual story

Signature Branding + Design

I. Brand Discovery

We’ll customize the design to your unique expression. We’ll dive deep into your creative world with 1:1 session for  Brand Strategy. We’ll put together a Creative Brief with your Signature Story Statement to shape an intimate and holistic environment that guides your audience on an artful journey of transformation and beauty. 

II. Brand Styling

Through this hands-on ideation phase, we’ll have a fertile foundation to design your brand materials that is in alignment with your Signature Story Statement. We’ll create Custom Concepts that capture your one-of-a-kind vision, story and aestheticI’ll weave the threads into an Inspirational Moodboard that hone into your signature look and feel for your sacred digital space. 

III. Brand Design

We’ll breathe air into your vision to create an immersive experience with the Signature Brand Collection. I’ll create the Logo Suite with variations of brand marks to symbolize this new world. The Brand Styling Guide includes a typography guide, color palette, branded elements, textures and patterns tailored to your signature brand aesthetic. You’ll receive 3 choices of visual marketing materials such as social media branding, email branding or Canva templates for promotion or instruction.

4-6 weeks

I thought this was going to be a simple website design, but it has given me sooo much clarity and insight into my business, my message, my audience and even what the bigger picture about my purpose and how I show up! Total ascension has occurred during our work together. And aesthetically – holy bananas – it has been a delicious adventure because this woman has some MAJOR taste and a killer eye. She is like a beauty and style oracle who guides me with swagger-filled ease and grace…. Whatever Rina is selling, BUY IT. Buy it now.  You will find yourself totally and magically transformed! Thank you Rina <3

Eyenie Schultz

Technicolor Priestess, Iconic Image Consultant

Here Are Three Areas That I Take Into Consideration In My Design Process



Your archetypal story has a distinctive blend, woven from the threads of your heroine’s (non-gendered) journey. I translate your essence and story into an immersive experience of wholeness and resonance.



The richness of your signature brand aesthetic imbued with hues of meaning and expression creates an intimate experience. One that embraces your community like a cocoon – to feel, trust and bloom into beautiful transformation.



You aren’t just selling products, services, events, artwork or programs. You’re guiding your guests on an orchestrated experience of passion, purpose and power. It has to flow smoothly in the user experience. 


I offer services for every season of growth, so you can show up with integrity to your expression and expertise.

co-creative journey

Sample Scope of Services

I. Brand Alchemy

We’ll dive deep into your brand experience with a questionnaire, strategy sessions, messaging frameworks to clarify the unique value your business offers. We’ll define your Brand Statement and get clear on the throughline of your body of work that is your Signature Methodology. You’ll receive a Messaging Framework with personalized templates to write your content from your new positioning with guidelines per website page.

II. Experience Design

With your new brand positioning, we’ll streamline your current offerings and craft a user experience through your body of work, so every step of your customer journey is intentional and powerful. We’ll work on a Brand Audit, Customer Surveys, and Maps that will inform the site architecture. 

III. Brand Styling

Through this hands-on ideation phase, we’ll have a solid foundation to design your brand materials, so your unique message shines. We’ll create a Custom Concept that convey your distinctive brand aesthetic. We’ll gather references from our visual exploration and I’ll create an Inspirational Moodboard that hones in the tone and color frequencies.

IV. Brand Design

We’ll breathe air into your message to create an intimate and immersive experience with the Essential Brand Collection. The Brand Styling Guide includes a typography guide, color palette, and branded elements. You’ll receive 2 digital templates for your Social Media Branding.

V. Site Design

This is where the magic happens! We’ll create a Site MapWireframes to create the bones of your site like an architectural blueprint for your new digital home. This step of the process ensures a purposeful flow for each page to create clear navigation for guests. Once the functionality and features are clarified, then we move into Visual Design. The site will be optimized for performance and speed. The design will also be adjusted to all screen sizes, so it’s mobile-friendly.

VI. Final Touches

After the site is developed, we’ll arrange a Final Review to walkthrough the site. We’ll make sure there are no typos, legibility or functionality issues to ensure a seamless experience when the site launches.

VII. Launch

The big day is here! The site will unveil its door to the public. We’ll celebrate and glow in the love + praise. To help you ground into your new home, you’ll receive 2 weeks of support and video tutorials to navigate the site.


“For the first time, I feel completely aligned with the channels we’ve clarified for delivering my message and connecting with my audience.  Along the way, Rhina has helped me gain clarity on my brand voice.

When I first met Rhina my branding and products were all over the place. I had a vision for the direction I wanted my work to take and an idea of the brand colors but no concept of how to formulate or structure the products, copy and design in a way that flowed. 

This has created a space for ease and enjoyment to enter into my business, something that’s been missing for some time.”

Desiree Marie Leedo,

Divorce Recovery Coach + Author

Working with Rina has been a rebranding + design dream-come-true!

From the very beginning, she has had this uncanny ability to not only *really* see me, but also *get* me in a way that has allowed me to surrender and totally trust her magic and the project. I’m sort of like a hummingbird and tend to get excited and scattered.

Rina is so refreshingly intuitive, honest, open and amazing at asking questions along the way to make sure we’re always on the same page, and focused our Original Vision.

Eyenie Schultz

Technicolor Priestess, Iconic Image Consultant

Before working with Rina, I was drowning in all of the content I had created. I couldn’t figure out how to make all the parts and pieces of my vast online universe work together. My community didn’t know where to start or which steps to take next.

Now, sweet Jesus, my site is aesthetically beautiful, spacious, laid out perfectly and they know exactly where to go and what’s available to them.

The user journey is seamless, my community LOVES the look of the site and people keep telling me that they just want to go to my site to hang out for a while because it feels so good.

Jessica Serran,

Founder of Becoming Artist + Visual Artist


Signature Branding + Design service payments are divided into 2 installments with timelines ranging from 4-12 weeks. Completion of the project is contingent upon all content, materials and feedback being provided on time by the client.

let’s make magic happen

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