Present over perfect.
Quality over quantity.
Relationship over rushing.
People over pressure.
Meaning over mania.

Shauna Niequist

I Believe and Stand for…

Love is the ultimate value. Love is the expression/embodiment of your individual channel of truth in the vast ocean of human experience. You are love. Doing what you love is your unique creative expression. 

Creative sovereignty. You are your own answer, and you create your own answers. As an intuitive and psychic, I hold space and listen, and I read energy with your consent. I do not foretell the future or make predictions. 

Identity is a construct. Most of my clients identify as a cisgender woman and take on the pronouns she/her/hers, including myself. The “womxn” is an archetype, a language and a cultural story, and it doesn’t represent gender or sexuality as a whole.

Fluidity in personal style & expression, whether you’re au natural femme, glam goth babe or androgynous rebel. Femininity/humanity has a multitude of textures, shades and forms. Wholeness is beauty.

Anti-racism, equality and justice. I am committed to cultivating diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces for my clients and their digital spaces as a designer. I take full responsibility by unlearning and dismantling the ways that I’ve contributed to centering whiteness in my visual work. For reparations, I have committed monthly to the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance and Dig Deep. 

Regenerative culture making in business. I pledge to unlearn and shift extractive business practices, such as exploiting pain, trauma, scarcity and labor in marketing and production. I partner with clients and teams growing their businesses with trauma + justice-informed practices and distributing wealth ethically. 

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