Present over perfect.
Quality over quantity.
Relationship over rushing.
People over pressure.
Meaning over mania.

Shauna Niequist

Hi, I’m Rhina (aka Rina Rose). Welcome to my cozy corner dedicated to helping intuitive entrepreneurs bring their multi-layered visions to life.

As a signature brand stylist, multidisciplinary designer + psychic/empath with a background that ranges from interior design to digital design, I strive to deliver holistic experiences, where your website is more than a static window. It’s an altared space AND powerful system for creating the impact you desire.

When I’m not working, I’m introverting with a pile of books, cooking myself a feast or capturing still life images with flowers from my grandfather’s garden (on traditional Lenape lands).  I recently started herbalism school and dream of creating an apothecary cafe with a multicultural kitchen. I’m an East Coast gal with a global heart.

My Why…

Before I started my freelance career in the transformational industry, I honed my chops in the creative industries, like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and interiors. I found the throughline of 40+ jobs, 7 different major changes, my branding + design work with mystics (along with multiple encounters of an existential crisis/dark night of the soul/kundalini awakening since I was 20 years old), and it all comes down to ALCHEMICAL LOVE – to bring purpose, intention and meaning to the sensual, sexual, material and physical planes through our uniquely sacred expression.

I Believe and Stand for…

I believe love is the expression/embodiment of your individual channel of truth in the vast ocean of human experience. Doing what you love is your ecstatic expression. 

I believe identity is a construct. Most of my clients identify as a cisgender woman and take on the pronouns she/her/hers, including myself. The “woman” is an archetype, a language and a cultural story, and it doesn’t represent gender or sexuality as a whole.

I stand for fluidity in personal style & expression, whether you’re au natural femme, glam goth babe or androgynous rebel. Femininity/humanity has a multitude of textures, shades and forms. 

I stand for anti-racism, equality and justice. I am committed to cultivating diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces for my clients and their digital spaces as a designer. I take full responsibility by unlearning and dismantling the ways that I’ve contributed to centering whiteness in the wellness industry. 

A few things…


Gemini Sun + Mercury (9th House), Libra Stellium, Lilith in Sagittarius, Venus in Taurus + North Node in Cancer 


Enneagram 4w5 (Investigative Individualist), INFJ (Identity Seeker) + Generator 


Anais Nin, Georgia O’Keefe, Serge Lutens, Pablo Neruda, Diana Vreeland, Ai Wei Wei, Yayoi Kusuma + countless creatives on the interwebs


Indolic perfumes like jasmine + tuberose, rose tulsi tea, ikebana, eating out at ethnic mom-n-pop restaurants + minimal living 

Designer Statement

My lifelong romance with storytelling and aesthetics stems from my childhood memories of my grandmother’s Korean folklore tales and her altar space: the smoky scent of jasmine incense, the humming rhythm of her chanting, and the gleaming golden buddhas, holding me in an ambient experience of the sacred sensual.

The roots of my educational journey started at the Aveda Institute in 2001, where I learned about holistic beauty + wellness inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, botanical remedies + rituals, and therapeutic touch.

Then, I attended Art Institute of Philadelphia for interior design to study hospitality design with the intention of creating wellness spaces. I worked as an in-store visual merchandiser for the luxury home brand Restoration Hardware, where I maintained visual standards of 15+ interior presentations and textile collection that blended heritage, artisanal and classical design to create visionary spaces.

At the Academy of Art University, I studied fashion marketing/journalism and new media design to learn the in’s and out’s of lifestyle-driven media platforms. I also mentored with a serial entrepreneur & expert in inbound marketing and wrote fashion and lifestyle editorials for Nomad-Chic. 

With over 12 years of experience in both physical and digital environments, I have gathered a unique combination of skills in pr, marketing, branding, business operations, web/graphic design, visual merchandising and styling. I have worked with luxury brands to immigrant-owned small mom-and-pop shops in a wide range of fields – fashion, beauty, home, lifestyle, travel, wellness, hospitality and real estate.

In 2018, I graduated from a rigorous 8-month psychic training with Erin the Psychic Witch to help visionary entrepreneurs become fully expressed/embodied by cultivating their multidimensional energy.